endo2Underfloor heating is a reliable and effective heating method combining a warm and comfortable environment and economical operation. In this system, warm water at 35-45oC circulates inside a pipe system embedded in the floor of the space, turning the floor itself into a heating unit. Heat is transmitted by radiation from the floor to the heated space, from the lower levels to the higher ones, throughout the entire space without any strong currents forming. The desired layering of the temperature is thus achieved, which means that the temperature reaches 18-20oC at the height of the head.

underfloorGenika2Using pipes that run through the entire surface of the space for heating ensures the basic requirements of modern life, which means comfortable and healthy living in warm coziness. Aesthetics without restrictions in the modern home and environmentally friendly, which one can enjoy easily saving energy and expenses, thanks to underfloor heating!

Tivali that provides an integrated package of materials for the installation of underfloor heating, with a 30-year guarantee for the plastic pipes of the underfloor heating and 10 years for the brass fittings.